Madeline: Put that thing away [Fiona holding a gun]
Fiona: I told you we have a situation.
Madeline: You're damn right we have a situation. Child services could come visit at any time. For God-sakes I quit smoking for this.

Fiona Glenanne, Madeline Westen
Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 1: "New Deal"
Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Burk: You know Michael I almost didn't come tonight. Pablo made a pretty good case finding an operative like you cooling his heels in the DR sounded almost too good to be true.
Michael: Glad to know I have a fan.

Burk: I'm not just offering you a new job, I'm offering you a new life Michael. In life there is no second chance. Do you understand?
Michael: Yeah, I understand.