Mark: Mrs. Waterford’s attorney claim that you can corroborate any action she took regarding June Osborne’s pregnancy was a result of extreme duress inflicted upon her by her husband.
Rita: She wants me to blame the commander.
Mark: That seems to be their strategy. Apparently, she was very moved by your visit. She believes the two of you share a strong bond.
Rita: Did you know that in Gilead I was officially considered property of the Waterford family?
Mark: I did, yes.
Rita: Registered and everything like my old Nissan Altima.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 4: "Milk"
The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Janine: I hate it. I hate it in here.
June: I know. Me too. We’re OK. We’re gonna be OK.
Janine: How is this OK?
June: ‘Cause we’re going to get there, and we’re gonna find them. We’re gonna find Mayday, and they’re going to help us.
Janine: You keep saying that, but you don’t know. Do you have some secret brilliant plan? What is it? What’s the plan?
June: Look, Janine, we’re OK.
Janine: I’m not a mushroom. I’m not.
June: OK…
Janine: You can’t keep me in the dark and feed me lies and shit and expect me to be OK with it.
June: I don’t do that.
Janine: Yes, you do. You don’t know where we’re going. You don’t know if we’re going to be OK.
June: I’m keeping us alive.
Janine: They were the nicest, Alma and Brianna. Maybe that’s why.
June: Why what?
Janine: Why god wanted them and not us, at least not you.
June: No, that’s not how god works.
Janine: Well, I think he does.

Serena: God is truly great. I didn’t believe it either.
Rita: It’s a miracle. I didn’t think the commander could.
Serena: Gilead’s clean water, clean air, god’s grace. It’s what we always wanted. It’s what we always prayed for.
Rita: He must be beside himself.
Serena: I haven’t told him, and I don’t intend to. There is a reason why God chose this moment when Fred and I are separated, but now that you’re here to help me care for this little boy.
Rita: It’s a boy? It’s a boy?
Serena: It’s a boy. Can you imagine? Toy trucks and scraped knees, catching frogs.
Rita: Praised be.
Serena: I have missed you. My lovely, Rita. You were always such a blessing.
Rita: Thank you.
Serena: No, that’s for you. So you can look at it whenever you want. It’s nice to have a friend. Would you pray with me?
Rita: Yes.