Trevor: Rox, my job is here with my men and Jeremy was our first KIA. The guys really need me right now.
Roxy: Yeah, I get it. Just remember, um, we need you, too. I need you. Home and safe, okay?
Trevor: I know.

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Roxy LeBlanc, Trevor LeBlanc
Army Wives Season 5 Episode 4: "On Behalf Of a Grateful Nation"
Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Roland: Joan! What is it?
Joan: Jeremy Sherwood was killed in action. I'm sorry Roland. I wanted to come as soon as I found out, but I had to wait until Denise was notified.

In keeping with our overall strategy, for the first time Afghan National Army units will take the lead, with American forces in support. This is why we're here gentlemen. This is their country, and I appreciate all you've done to get them ready. Now it's their turn to show us what they can do. Colonel Sherwood and I will be in the field with your, and I am confident of our success.

General Holden