Veranski: Same was going to retire at the end of the year and just hang out with Nelson and be a normal dog. Mike doesn't have any family.
Nick: I guess he could come live with me [looks at Sam] What do you say Sam? Now there's gonna be a few rules, ok? No drinking out of the toilet. And we watch Football on Sundays and we route for the Cowboys. When my girlfriend is over, you gotta sleep on the floor. Is that a deal?
Sam: (licks Nick's face)

CSI Season 13 Episode 5: "Play Dead"
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CSI Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

Morgan: Maybe Mr. Sloan was sleeping with someone's wife. A girlfriend?
Fin: Yeah, his job didn't get him killed, his penis did.

Nick: Looks like Methamphetamines Jim.
Brass: So, got a cop out of uniform in a skanky part of town with a bag of ice. Something stinks here and I don't think it's the dog.