Elizabeth: Lady Margaret.
Margaret: My Lady the King's Mother, now. I am called "Your Grace" and I receive a royal bow.
Elizabeth: Indeed. [Remains standing tall] Does it bring you the joy you hoped it would?
Margaret: It is God's will. It is God who put my Henry on the throne,
Elizabeth: And God who puts my daughter on the other throne beside him.
Margaret: She is not made Queen yet.

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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 1: "In Bed With the Enemy"
The White Princess
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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's intended as a show of strength. But it only goes to show his weakness if he stoops to bully girls.

Elizabeth [about Henry "capturing" the York women]

Burn them. And ban the snow from falling. I will have nothing white in England.

Henry [holding York heraldry banners]