Lucille: Ah, yes. The week we had the au pair. You know, your mother always wanted this broach.
Maeby: Really?
Lucille: Do you want it?
Maeby: I do now. That'll show her for trying to punish me.

Find something to do. Go make mistakes. Get in trouble. Be young.


Oh, yeah. Dad told me to take the day off so I decided to come in to work.

George Michael

Yeah. But if I fail math, there goes my chance at a good job and a happy life full of hard work, like you always say.

George Michael

Maeby: Are you serious? What could you possibly come up with that would punish me?
Lindsay: Oh, I have to come up with another thing?

You are now punished. I punish thee.


Okay, look. I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but this has gone too far.


Lindsay: I'm not signing this.
Maeby: Fine. I will. Is Lindsay with an "A" or an "E"?

Maeby: D plus. Sign this.
Lindsay: This is a D minus.
Maeby: Well, either way, it's above a D right?
Lucille: Another world beater.

Narrator: Later, Lucille stopped by the model home to enlist her daughter's help cataloging her valuables.
Lindsay: I can't.
Lucille: Why not?
Lindsay: Because I'm ... Don't want to.

Michael: I can't help you, Mom. I've got a job. I've got to make some money so you can buy more things and destroy the evidence.
Lucille: You're right. I'll ask Lindsay.

Lucille: I need a favor.
Michael: We ought to put that on our family crest.

Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Drug Dealer: You set us up!
Gob: No! These are just strippers! Look how hot they are!

George Michael: Well, I think we're okay.
Michael: We are. I mean, you know that there's nothing that you can't be totally honest with me about. I mean, you could say anything to me, you know? Anything at all.
George Michael: Like, say I had a crush on my own cousin.
Michael: Hey! You just taught me a lesson. All right, we're even.