Senior Bluth - Arrested Development

Which family member is driving George Sr. up the wall?

Arrested Development Season 5B Poster

"One murder. Two masterminds" is the tagline for Arrested Development Season 5B.

Arrested Development Dancing GIF

It looks like Arrested Development is coming back for Season 5. Is this chicken dance worthy news?

David Cross for Arrested Development

David Cross poses here for an Arrested Development promotional photo. He, of course, plays Tobias.

The Bluths

They're back! The Arrested Development cast poses here for a Netflix promo pic.

Jeffrey Tambor as George Bluth

Jeffrey Tambor appears here on Arrested Development Season 4. He cracks us up.

Father and Angry Son

This is awkward. Michael is about to feel the wrath of his son.

Buster for Love

Buster helps Herbert Love campaign in this photo from Arrested Development Season 4. It's from the episode "Off the Hook."

George Maharis Photo

Who is George Michael? Say hello, Arrested Development Fanatics, to George Maharis.

Maeby at College

Maeby stops by George Michael's dorm room in this scene from Arrested Development. She has a plan.

Gob and Ann

We're all about Gob on the Arrested Development episode "A New Attitude." He has a plan here with Ann.

Arrested Development Threesome

GOB, Tobias and Lindsay sit around in this scene from Arrested Development Season 4. What did you think of the batch of 15 episodes?

Arrested Development Quotes

Um, I forget their name, but I know they're hungry. I think some are thirsty.


(talking about the money their fund-raiser brought in) Well, most of that money was from the Bluth Company. I mean, how ...
(Michael looks surprised) ... are you?