Evan: I am scared for you Cat.
Cat: Trust me Evan. You don't have to be.

J.T.: I came as soon as I heard you got him.
Evan: How did you..."
J.T.: Word travels. You know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Evan: It was on Instagram?
J.T.: Kids today.

Every time he's been involved, it's been because he's been trying to do the right thing.


Leaving my best friend to wake up scared and alone in a tunnel? I am so sorry.


Cat: You okay?
Tess: You mean because now I'm living in a world of grey?

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. The whole manimal thing is a lot to wrap my head around.


Do you really think your feelings for this monster are real?


How long do you think this fairy tale will last?


J.T.: So is she cool?
Tess: Cooler than you in a ladies' locker room.

Why do you have a constipated look on your face?


Evan: Muirfield hasn't stopped their experiments. They're trying to make a new generation of cross-species creature.
Vincent: And you're just putting this together now?
Evan: They want to cut you open and see what makes you tick.
Vincent: They know what makes me tick, they made me. I was part of a highly classified secret military experiment to create a unite of super soldiers.

I let my feelings for you blind me of the truth about Muirfield.


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

She's seen you, Vincent, and she hasn't run.


You can't just shoot people at weddings!