Vincent: You're saying we keep this from Catherine?
Tess: Yeah I am. At least until after the wedding, which is what, ten, eleven hours from now? Why ruin it for her? Why ruin it for you?
JT: It's your call big guy.
Vincent: Catherine is gonna kill me if she finds out about this and blows up in her face, right?

Vincent: We gotta stop this guy Liam first.
Cat: OK we are not stopping Liam.
Vincent: We got to. We got to at least try, Catherine.
Cat: You don't understand. I am done Vincent. I am not doing this anymore.
Vincent: What do you mean?
Cat: I don't even know what I was thinking. This is never ending and it just keeps getting worse. Liam could have easily killed us today. So why are we going after him when he's not even coming after us? Why should we have to keep risking our lives, our friends lives, Heather's? Who says this has to be our fight? It's not. It's over, I quit.

Cat: Do you realize what you just did?
Vincent: Yeah, I just stopped us from ruining what should have been the best day of our lives.
Cat: No, you maybe have just ruined our best chance to find out who's behind all this and for what, because you don't want to elope.
Vincent: Yes that is exactly why I did it.
Cat: Vincent we were never really going to do that.
Vincent: Yes we were. Maybe not technically, but we were about to recite vows Catherine.
Cat: So what if we did? What difference does it make? It's just a piece of paper.
Vincent: No, no it's not.

You have enough secrets Cat, being mad at your mom shouldn't be one of them.


[talking to Vincent about the outbreak] Whoever these guys are, are using the same mutation that made you, you.


Why change to this outbreak approach? What are they trying to accomplish?


[talking about the aunts] I don't know what you issue is Cat, but they're here to see you! So you better get in here and deal with them or I swear I'll tell them you're engaged to a beast.


JT: What happened to this guy wasn't caused by that serum. [pointing to the side by side blood samples] That's the result of a blood borne parasite.
Cat: A parasite? Like a bug? So he caught this like a cold?
JT: Well, I don't know exactly how it got transmitted, but it did. And this parasite's fast acting too, which means he had to contracted it a day or two ago, at most.

JT: Listen, um, you're not mad at me about all this, right?
Vincent: No. Not at all man. Look, I wanted to connect with my family, I just never know how.

Cat: I cannot justify going for tea with my mom's sisters when somebodies hunting Vincent.
Tess: They're not hunting Vincent, they're hunting beasts. They don't even know that he is one.

[to Carol] If JT's dead, you're dead.


Cat: Where's Vincent?
Carol: Somewhere not even your love can save him.

Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Tess: You can see in the dark now too?
JT: Looks like it.

After this conversation, I get the sense I'm either with you, or I'm dead.