I thought you'd be on a hot date with the mountain-climbing, long-legged Claire.


Vincent: But there's nothing about two dozen roses that says I'm not gonna run back to next ex who crosses my path. Yeah, J.T. filled me in. You're not makin' this easy.
Cat: I'm not trying to make this hard.

Knowing you'll always be there to rip someone limb from limb in a pinch is a little different than knowing your not going to play Ice Castles with the next hot chick that comes along.


Vincent, I'm protecting you. Please don't mistake it for anything else.


Valentine's Day is not about math, it's about love. Maybe you should try it.


But I know now that better future isn't with her, Catherine, it's with you.


Vincent: I am such an ass.
J.T.: Can't say I'm gonna argue with you there.

Vincent: I retract what I said before. I'm glad you were here.
Cat: I get that you want a different kind of life.
Vincent: Even though I try to get away, they still find me.

J.T.: Okay. You have trust issues buddy.
Evan: Me, Mr. Secret Organization?

Tess: You sound weird. Is it the guy?
Cat: Um. Kinda!

Cat: It's a bug.
J.T.: I can see that.
Cat: You can speak. I disabled it.

Okay. Well here's to 'I am woman, hear me drink.'


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Cat: Vincent last night was...
Vincent: Incredible.
Cat: No, I was going to say a mistake.

Cat: I cannot justify going for tea with my mom's sisters when somebodies hunting Vincent.
Tess: They're not hunting Vincent, they're hunting beasts. They don't even know that he is one.