I am not seeking forgiveness.


I died in the trench, years back. I thought you knew that.


Flip a coin. When it's in the air, you'll know what side you're hoping for.


If there really was a God, would he have given me this mug?


Nucky: Eddie, Why is this bourbon empty?
Eddie: Someone drank it.
Nucky: You're cracking wise now.

Mickey: Sit
Van Alden: No, thank you.
Mickey: Please. I don't like the way you loom.

The beginning's over, the end hasn't come yet. All I care about is now.


I think there's no one else in the all the world; there's only you and me.

Gillian to Jimmy

Your life is pretty Jacobean all by itself.

Professor Pearson

No one likes a longshot more than a gambler.


He who dies pays all his debts.


Chalky: How Nucky shoes be fitting these days?
Jimmy: A little tighter than I expected.