This is how I relax. I get the scent of a bad guy and I can feel my blood pressure go down.


You're not a cop. You're not one of us.

Quinn [to Dexter]

I put her in a short skirt, so we could see her panties when she's falling.


It's not the neighborhood vandal I'm worried about. It's the neighborhood watch.

Great. Security lights. Just what ever serial killer needs.

You're juggling family, work and a Dark Passenger that's always got one hand on the steering wheel.


Dexter: I have someplace I need to be.
Vince: I also have places I need to be. Not good places; but places.

What would I do if I couldn't properly dispose of a body? I'd hide it.

You've got a family to support, and people to dismember. You're spinning too many plates, Dexter


So far, I'm starting to think I fucked around more than my old man did.


Vince: You are so boning this reporter.
Quinn: Shut the fuck up.

Dexter: I already have a killer to clean up after: me.

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Dexter Season 4 Quotes

There's this cliche when serial killers are always described as quiet, kind of a loner... it's a cliche for a reason.


Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people.