Dexter Review: "Hello, Dexter Morgan"

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Anyone that saw the preview for this week's Dexter - in which Arthur questions the main character's identity - and then saw the title for the episode, could easily have figured it out:

Trinity would discover just had actually befriended him and he would utter the words (likely to close the episode): "Hello, Dexter Morgan."

That's exactly what happened, though it's to the show's credit that the scene in which Arthur entered the Miami police station was still so fraught with suspense. Dexter has encountered many enemies and obstacles over the years, but none has approached him on his home turf.

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This week's other major development, Christine's suicide, was also predictable. We thought she'd be lying dead as soon as Deb entered her apartment.

As for Angel and LaGuerta's marriage? Snooze! We understand Michael C. Hall can't be in every scene, but this isn't exactly Jim and Pam. It's not an office romance that's funny, original or particularly interesting.

Overall, it was a disappointing installment, especially considering its status as the penultimate episode of season four. Still, we have fith Showtime was simply moving the pieces into place for a finale that Jennifer Carpenter can't stop hyping.

Will a major character die? Will Deb discover the story behind Dexter's mother? Will Arthur end up on Dexter's killing table? Those questions will be answered on Sunday, as you can watch a season finale preview now.

Until that episode airs, write in and let us know your favorite part of this week's installment. Did anything truly shock you?

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