David: Where have you been?
William: Right where you left me.
David: William?
William: William is dead. You walked your son into the desert and left him to die, remember?
David: I'm sorry. Seeing you... words...
William: Save it. I'm not mad at you David. Fact is, I'm grateful. Where would Jesus be without Judas?

Claire: I dreamed about you coming home, but I thought it was just a dream.
Alex: Well here I am.
Claire: Yeah, you're alive.
Alex: So are you.
Claire: I bombed Gabriel's aerie.
Alex: You couldn't have known I was in the aerie. Was a hell of a move. You almost got the bastard.
Claire: But I didn't.
Alex: Next time. Hey, what's wrong?
Claire: I was shot.
Alex: Shot? How?
Claire: I'm so sorry.
Alex: Sorry?
Claire: The baby.

Gates: You did this to me?
Arika: Yes.
Gates: So what you just want to watch me suffer. Is that your game?
Arika: Oh I don't care for suffering at all, not unless it has a purpose. And you Mr. Foley, well, you have a purpose. The poison I gave you moves slowly. With all the damage you've done to your liver over the years, I guess you have just under 36 hours. But it's not an exact science.
Gates: So let me hypothesize. If I let you out, then you give me the cure?
Arika: Close, you let me out and fly with me to Helena. Once there, I'll give you the antidote.

Claire: I killed the wrong person.
Gates: Claire, you couldn't have known.
Claire: No I couldn't have known, but that doesn't make it right. Zoe is still dead.
Gates: Listen to me.
Claire: No. I thought she took my baby but she didn't. She deserved to die, but not for that. Another one of my mistakes.

Claire: You and I, we shared the same dream. A better life in Vega. And I gave you so many chances to join me, but you just lied and betrayed me.
Zoe: You're going to put this on me? As if it's my fault? I didn't betray you.
Claire: My baby is gone. And now I have to fight a war without mercy.

Everything you fought so hard to build is disintegrating, while you're here dying unnecessarily a thousand miles away. A dyad can help Claire to save the city. Especially with a New Delphi army and me at his side. Unlike the 8-balls, your term not mine, the higher angel shares control of the body with the human soul. Symbiosis not destruction.


I was at my lowest point. Blinded by the sun. Skin peeling off my back. I was approached by six horsemen, they were thieves. They wanted my canteen and a few strips of dry meat I had. And there was nothing I could do to stop them. But then as the first attacker came at me, this blinding flash of light filled the sky. It was so bright it turned night into day. It was as if a comet had hit the Earth. But it was even greater than that because this wasn't a comet. This was the hand of God. And he was reaching down from high up there. And he killed that attacker, stone dead, right in front of me. It was a miracle.


Gabriel: I need time to recover, heal. An hour maybe two. And then I'll summon my angels and we'll slaughter that dyad and everyone else in this cursed pit.
Claire: Of course you will.
Gabriel: You don't believe me.
Arika: No. Even with your wings.
Noma: It's a losing proposition.
Gabriel: But I'm an archangel. One of the greatest warriors the heavens have ever seen.
Claire: Julian is far more powerful than that. You don't stand a chance.
Gabriel: What do you suggest?
Claire: Stay here with us.
Gabriel: Why exactly?
Noma: Because we will protect you.
Arika: Because we want you.
Claire: Surrender Gabriel. It's easy if you try.

Noma: Yesterday I went out to draw the 8-balls away from Alex. Something strange happened.
Michael: What?
Noma: A man appeared to me. There was a presence about him. Like he was something more. I was delirious, what sticks in my mind is he said, "Bring him east." Does it make any sense to you?
Michael: No.

Noma: You can't fix me Alex. No one can.
Alex: I can't change what you did for me Noma. I wish I could.
Noma: I don't. I'm prepared to die in this war. I don't know how to live like this. I mean, look at me. I'm not angel. I'm not human. So what am I? I don't know, I'm nothing.
Alex: Well, I still know who you are even if you don't.
Noma: Oh yeah, who's that?
Alex: You're Nomes.

Claire: I'm sending soldiers across the trenches soon as you drive out of here. That's what I came here to say.
Zoe: You're bluffing. You wouldn't kill your own people.
Claire: I would to unite this city. Surrender Zoe and everything changes.

Gabriel: The loss of him. His life. It's a stain on my soul, I can't bear it.
Michael: Father has a plan. You must trust him now Gabriel.
Gabriel: His plan is perfection, but they will pervert it. Destroy it. Father thinks too much of them.
Michael: Careful brother, you must stay your hand in all ways. We can not judge these humans by their flaws, their mistakes. We can't lose hope. Time will heal you.
Gabriel: Time will never heal this.

Dominion Season 2 Quotes

Alex: That bomb changes everything.
Noma: We should head straight for Vega.
Alex: No, I'm not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi's half the distance, we'll go there.
Noma: New Delphi? Michael told me to stay away.
Alex: That's why we're going. If Michael's nervous about New Delphi there's a reason. They have an army, one I can help join Vega against Gabriel.

Alex: As long as you honor our deal, I'm here.
Gabriel: Maybe the deal was premature. Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer.
Alex: If you ever threaten them again, you can find someone else to help you with your daddy issues.
Gabriel: Finally, some life in the boy yet.