Claire: Alex, I don't want this to be the end.
Alex: We survived the Darkness. I'm not dying today. Neither are you.

Alex: Noma, you're gonna fall.
Noma: I won't. I can fly.
Alex: You can't, it's the Darkness. It's tricking you. Your wings aren't back.
Noma: Get back or I'll fly away with it.
Alex: If you jump, you'll die.
Noma: I gave them up once. I did it for you Alex. I won't do it again. I need them to go home again. How else will I fly back to Heaven? They're a part of me.
Alex: And you're a part of me. Please, don't do this. I need you. You're my Nomes. Forever.

Claire: Your mother was a lunatic.
Rose: She was diagnosed as bi-polar when you were very young.
Arika: She saw things that weren't there. She needed help.
Rose: But she didn't want it. She hurt you.
Arika: She didn't know what she was doing.
Rose: You thought she was a monster.
Arika: No, I loved my mother.

William: That's not true. I am the voice of God.
8-ball Claire: That was your voice. You were talking to yourself.

Each of these items represents the soul of a man or woman you destroyed on your way to power. And you kept them in a trophy case. Let's be honest David, you've been a monster like me longer than you'd like to admit.

8-ball David

Alex: What the hell is this?
Michael: It's the amphora of Darkness. Brings out the darkness inside and drives you mad with visions to make you hurt yourself or someone else. Some are nightmares, but some are dreams. Beautiful but fatal. All end in death.
Alex: Well I'm not seeing anything. Nightmares or dreams.
Michael: Neither am I, but angels can withstand its effects longer than humans. Doesn't explain you though.

Claire: Gates what's wrong?
Gates: There's no easy way to say this Claire, but the reactor's overheating and I've only got a few minutes left. It's either I go or we all do.
Claire: No, come on Gates you're the smartest man in Vega. There's gotta be another way. Think. Think.
Gates: Claire I would love nothing more right now than to see your face. You know if I could find a way to get back to you, I promise you I would.

You're one of us now Edward. Becoming an angel was the ultimate surrender. What greater victory could I have hoped for?


Claire: We're taking back the nuclear plant. It's over.
David: I suppose congratulations are in order. Nicely done Claire, your father would be proud.

Noma: Sometimes it feels like they're being torn off again.
Alex: Phantom pains?
Noma: Worse. Crazy how a part of you can hurt so much even after it's gone.
Noma: How's Claire?
Alex: We lost the baby.
Noma: I'm so sorry Alex.

David: You're supposed to be dead. If Claire finds you, you're going to hang and I'll be swinging next to you. We have to leave Vega.
William: We're not going anywhere. God chose me to cleanse the world of evil one person at a time. And I don't know a heart more troubled than yours David. The moment I saw you, I knew God brought you to me. My work begins with you.

Gabriel: What are New Delphi's secrets?
Pete: The army. The 8-ball army.
Gabriel: Is this army loyal to Julian?
Pete: You're the master of all angels in New Delphi now. It's your army.
Gabriel: Good, they will be another weapon to use. But my brother's death will be by this hand, when I plunge my sword into his traitorous heart.

Dominion Season 2 Quotes

Alex: That bomb changes everything.
Noma: We should head straight for Vega.
Alex: No, I'm not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi's half the distance, we'll go there.
Noma: New Delphi? Michael told me to stay away.
Alex: That's why we're going. If Michael's nervous about New Delphi there's a reason. They have an army, one I can help join Vega against Gabriel.

Alex: As long as you honor our deal, I'm here.
Gabriel: Maybe the deal was premature. Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer.
Alex: If you ever threaten them again, you can find someone else to help you with your daddy issues.
Gabriel: Finally, some life in the boy yet.