You motherfuckers. You don't know a thing about love. Not one of you. The shit that happened tonight? This scene? Isn't about love or freedom. It's just more control cooked up by men like this asshole. They stay in control and keep taking from clueless bitches. And we let them because we've tricked ourselves into believing it's a fucking choice! I don't know whose worse in this shitbox. The tiny dick losers? Or all you sheep opening up for them because you're afraid. And empty.


Listen to me. You can't beat him. Look at the others. Look at how he destroyed them. What chance do you think a little girl has? Don't do this, Dorothy. I'm begging you.


Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Miranda: Does this work on other girls?
John: Is it working on you?

You're like a cat, you know that? Mysterious. Can't tell if you want someone for petting or for scratching.