Larry: Didn't the two of you bond over French toast?
Rita: Exactly. She's lukewarm, at best, towards you, so you've got nothing to lose.
Larry: Except my arms. And legs. And whatever else her giant candle decides to rip off of me.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do next. What does he want me to do? Carry on his legacy? Clean up his mess? Rewrite all this history? No! He turned me into nothing, and now he wants me to be something else? Well, I won't. I can't. And I hate him for asking. And I hate myself for hating him because I loved him too. And I never told him either of those things. And now it's too late. There's nothing left to say.


Dorothy: You are powerful. But so am I. You lived in my head. I don't want to fight you.
Candlemaker: It is Destiny. It is the way.
Dorothy: Then let's change the way. I don't care about Destiny. You protected me once. And you protected Manny. You were my friend. So I'm going to keep us here, far away from everyone and everything, for as long as it will take. Until we're friends again.

Well, I think it's great for you to perform in a play that debases you and everyone you know. Should be a terrific distraction.


Dorothy: He always came back. He'd bring me something from his travels, have on a big, silly smile, and say, 'Let's build memories.'
Larry: Memories are a comfort.

When your dad first brought me here, it seemed that the only thing that kept me going were my memories. The good, the bad, didn't matter. But I got lost in them. For decades. And when I finally looked outside of them, I was staggered by how much I gave up to the habit of holding on.


The girl is alone. The girl is small. The girl shivers and quakes. Here we are, dear girl, fated to collide where the very seeds of our destiny were sown. Where I began as a whisper, I am now a roar. And it is you who may briefly visit my world.


Dorothy: This isn't fair!
Candlemaker: No, dear girl. Not fair, but fate.

Cliff: Congratulations, you oily fuck. You win!
Vic: The man's dead of old age, Cliff. You're not. By my count, that puts you ahead.
Cliff: That's easy for you to say. All your shit's cool as fuckin' shit. My shit's just shit.

Our relationship with Chief was complex. I wouldn't expect our reaction to his death to be anything less than.


I'm not Daddy. Or Miranda. I'm not even a persona at all. I'm the infection that's been festering inside Kay since personas even existed. Every doubt, every fear, every hurt. I'm the wound you can't help but scratch. Your scratching gave me life. Day after day, Kay's pain made me stronger. Now, I've taken control.


Vic: I didn't want to tell you on the phone.
Silas: Walking in on his corpse was a much better way to break the news.

Doom Patrol Quotes

It's called The Backbone. 'The quickest way to discover who you really are. The only way to reach the top is to let go of all your fear.' Ooh, says here back in the 70s, Nixon climbed up and when he came back down, he resigned. Huh.


Show's over, Chief. You're not my friend. You're just a scientist who did fucked up things to a broken girl.