Will you shut up! I’m not taking any advice from a manifestation of my diseased brain.


Deric: You remember when we used to play DnD at Calvin’s?
Vic: Pettiest dungeon master ever?
Deric: Exactly. But eventually we realized to complete our mission, we had to play Calvin against himself.
Vic: We gamed the system.
Deric: Mm-hm. Everything in a DnD campaign exists because the DM put it there. Everything has a purpose.

As someone who’s been staring Death in the face for a while, take my advice. Figure out what’s left for you to do, and use every second you have left to do it. Cause this shit won’t stop to wait for you.


I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but when a bone temple spontaneously sprouts from the ground, it’s not usually a good sign.


Rita: Well, this place sure wasn’t on my mail route. Where are we?
Rouge: Section 99, colloquially referred to as The Vineyard. Projects so dangerous or foolhardy they died on the vine or were unceremoniously nipped in the bud.

No matter how far you drift, you’ll always be connected to where we came from. At the end of the day, you’ll always be one of us.


Oh, it was all real. The parties, the pool. Getting turned into a baby. You were a fussy little stinker, too. I was starting to get worried you’d be stuck like that. I’ve been big for hours. Sorry, that sounded weird.


Jane: Look at my hair! I feel like shit. My chest hurts.
Cliff: It’s just acid reflux. Welcome to middle-age.

Vic: It was a weird night. Even for us. It’s not everyday we get hit with a youth spell.
Deric: Transmutation magic, huh? That’s some Level 9 sorcerer shit.
Vic: Just another day in the life of a superhero.

Brahma: Immortus is Hope. Each of us had some desperate hope we’d all but given up on. And then Immortus found us. He showed each of us a vision of the possibilities that lie before us. He called upon us to usher him onto this plane, and when he arrives, he will rewrite history and make all our wishes come true.
Larry: You mean, like, a genie? Because you’re describing a genie.

I’m just so tired of fighting. Why does every single thing have to be so painful? Why does everything have to be such a fucking battle?


Rita: Where is Orqwith? What is Orqwith? Is that where Immortus rises? Answer me!
Wally: It’s where all ideas are born. And all the bad ideas die.

Doom Patrol Quotes

Show's over, Chief. You're not my friend. You're just a scientist who did fucked up things to a broken girl.


With sunrise, another day begins. So let's be ready for today. No wicked words, no teeth, no claws. Only fun and laughs and play. Well, of course we can! But first, we have to say good morning to all our new friends, don't we? You haven't forgotten them, silly. You can't have! Oh, you're being ridiculous. Alright, alright.