Larry: Fingernails?
Immortus/Isabel: [laughs] No, silly. Toenails.
Larry: Oh, great.
Immortus/Isabel: There’s one for each of you. Just eat one and you’ll be sad little bags of old no more.

Rouge: What about the Doom Patrol?
Rita’s Ghost: I don’t think this was ever meant to be our final stop. We’re all on our own extraordinary journeys and we all have so far to go. If we stop here, we’ll just keep falling into the same cycle, making the same bad decisions and feeling the same pain. We’re screw-ups! But that doesn’t make us bad people. Just means we need to work on ourselves before we can really help others. We have spent so much time trying to save the Doom Patrol. We’re destroying ourselves. Moving on is one of the scariest things in the world, but we have squared up against the most treacherous villains in the known universe.
Vic: She talking about the testicle monster?
Kay: Maybe the rollerskating dude.
Rita’s Ghost: We have all grown more than capable of facing our own demons.

Holy fuckadoodledoo. I guess we can add ‘vanquished an interdimensional time god’ to our list of achievements. To us, the Doom Patrol! Motherfuckin’ god-slayers, yeah!


Immortus/Isabel: Guess what? ‘Possibilities’ had an incredible thousand-year run.
Vic: Weren’t you gone for… an hour?
Immortus/Isabel: Keep up, robo-hottie. Time works a little differently in the Time Stream. Duh.

Dying has a way of clarifying things. I’ve realized now what my life’s purpose was. It was to lead you to the first step of the rest of your lives. Mission accomplished.

Rita’s Ghost

We didn’t always bring out the best in one another, did we? Having each other meant we never had to spread our own wings. I’m doing this to set us all free.

Rita’s Ghost

Larry: So, what’s first? Immortus or Butts?
Rouge: No, no, no, no. No, no, NOOO! [turns into a bird and flies away]
Cliff: Hey! Fleeing isn’t one of the options! Goddammit.
Immortus: You’re back? How?
Vic: Might as well start with the screaming time god.

Rita: You just left them?
Rouge: Yeah, just ran away. Just like the future said I would. Because I survive at all costs. That’s what I have always fucking done!
Rita: No. I refuse to accept that. As long as we’re alive, we can change. You’re a shapeshifter, for crying out loud. You of all people should know that.
Rouge: I’m a selfish coward. That seems to be the one thing I can’t shapeshift away.

As the resident wet blanket of truth, I feel like it’s my job to point out, wasn’t it actually the Butts who saved the day?


Jane: All right, this is hard to explain, but it’s all of us up here now. The entire Underground, breathing, existing, all at once. I don’t feel like just Jane anymore.
Larry: Well, if you’re not just Jane, what should we call you?
Jane: There’s one word I keep hearing in the back of my mind. Our minds. Kaleidoscope. But I guess it’s kind of a mouthful.
Vic: What about ‘Kay’?
Jane: I like that.

Larry: You’re the only person who saw me. Right from the beginning, you saw all the shitty, fucked-up pieces of me, and you still loved me. Like I wasn’t even broken at all.
Rita’s Ghost: As someone who has loved and lost, I can tell you one thing for certain. There’s always more love out there. Always. Especially for you. I promise.

Deep down, we all know it’s true. Every crisis we solved, we created in the first place. Rita’s right. Until we’re better as individuals, we’ll continue to cause harm. To the world. Each other.


Doom Patrol Quotes

Show's over, Chief. You're not my friend. You're just a scientist who did fucked up things to a broken girl.


With sunrise, another day begins. So let's be ready for today. No wicked words, no teeth, no claws. Only fun and laughs and play. Well, of course we can! But first, we have to say good morning to all our new friends, don't we? You haven't forgotten them, silly. You can't have! Oh, you're being ridiculous. Alright, alright.