You’re not my daughter, ever since you were shot. I never read Alice in Wonderland to you. A mother knows her child. You’re not the same Janey, but you’re still my Janey. And in ways I never imagined, I love you. Whoever you are.

Elaine [to Jane]

Yeah, well, I'm a hot mess.


A relationship is like open heart surgery, it's all about exposure.


Owen French will you marry me? But you have to promise that next time you have a heart attack and go into a coma, you'll at least send me a text.


If I wanted to eat raw fish, I'd go to the ocean and open my mouth.


Annie: I hate them.
Jane: I know you do, but let's hate them productively.

Oh you're trying to figure out if I saw you my best friend kiss Grayson the man I once loved and that's why I haven't been in touch? The answer's yes.

Jane [to Stacey]

We're all freaks one way or another, so get over yourself.

Luke [to Jane]

Getting engaged is like Christmas morning.


I'd rather live in your reality in my reality.

Owen [to Jane]

Grayson: Well it's been a long day, I should get home.
Jane: Yeah, yeah have a good night.
Grayson: Just one more thing.
Jane: What's that?
Grayson: I love you, too.

I was able to move on from Deb because I found you.

Grayson [to Jane]

Drop Dead Diva Quotes

I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and it's up to you to save us all. Must be like trying to save the Titanic.

Jane [to Kim]

I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.