Emily: I thought I would have some time to think about it.
Micah: That's why I didn't tell you in advance.
Emily: Are you saying that I overthink?
Micah: You're overthinking.

Tyra: She's been a bitch to you since the fifth grade.
Emily: You know, you're right. Screw it.

Cassandra: Why are you stalking us? Are you scared I'm going to date your friend?
Emily: No.
Cassandra: You should be. I'm going to date your friend.

Tyra: You can't keep them apart forever.
Emily: No, not forever. Just until he realizes that she's a predator.
Tyra: Will can take care of himself.
Emily: No, he won't see it coming. She's camouflaged as a regular person.

Thing--they're just not always what they seem. And sometimes answers only come when we change our perspective. Which works in science and math. Not as well with matters of the heart. Because the heart isn't rational. It doesn't listen to reason. And it doesn't give a crap what we want.

Oh, well, we only just met Dr. Owens. You didn't think you knew everything about me, did you?


Emily: Okay, now I'm nervous. Where'd the bat come from?
Will: My car.
Emily: Road rage, much?
Will: No, batting cages. When I'm pissed. I'm pissed.

Emily: Damon is...
Sophie: A douchebag.
Emily: Yeah. He really is.

Emily: I would appreciate it if you wouldn't call me a bitch.
Patient: Sorry. Dr. Bitch.

[to Emily] I was up all night suturing oranges practicing for my gallbladder. Were you up all night practicing on your banana?


Cassandra: I hear the first intern to cut is the one to look up to around here.
Emily: If you can deal with the fact that you played dirty...
Cassandra: I certainly can.

Emily; We let go all the time, of feelings, of people, of fear. We let go because we want to, because we have to. At the end of the day, there is no choice. We let go because if we don't, we'll never move on. Or at the very least, we try to.

Emily Owens, M.D. Quotes

Tyra: You've got your jocks, aka the orthopedic surgeons. Mean girls go into plastics. Your All-American, girl next door types, they're gonna be in OB. The true geeks, they're the neurologists. The rebels are in the ER. Stoners, anesthesia, and peds gets your sanctimonious church-goers.
Emily: How about us.
Tyra: Surgery's a melting pot, a little bit of everything, which basically means none of us get along.

I wasn't one of those kids who thrived in high school. I was geeky. Alright, I was very geeky...high school was rough. But, you know what got me through? The knowledge that I'd outgrow all those feelings of insecurity and in