[standing in front of his Five Towns billboard...]
Drama: We're not going anywhere until somebody recognizes me...
Eric: Hey jerkoff, what kind of loser takes pictures in front of his own billboard?

What kind of man sues for custody of a labra-doodle anyway?


Turtle: Calm down E. You're going to give yourself a stroke.
Eric: You maxed out three of my fucking credit cards Turtle! That's worse than a stroke!

Eric: It's true. The scripts Ari used to send us were in the 90-to-104-page range. Yours are closer to 140.
Vince: It leaves me no time for skin care

Turtle: I'm running things, so use your imagination
Amanda: I'm picturing lots of strippers and porn stars, Turtle.
Eric: He's promised us he's gonna invite some regular girls too

Ari: Still no invite for me, huh?
Lloyd: Not from Vince. But we did receive an evite to Patrick Dempsey's house for running charades

Drama: That's why it's best after a breakup, professional or otherwise, to split the town into even territories.
Eric: Ari pays two hundred grand a year for those tickets. I doubt we can have him banned from the Staples Center

[Ari calls Vince...]
Vince: Hello? Hello?
[Ari hangs up]
Lloyd: Did you just prank Vince?
Ari: I never heard the guy answer the phone before. It spooked me!

Eric: What the fuck is wrong with you, Drama?
Drama: Cursed with wisdom is all.

Vince: Remember ninth grade? You surprised me at Friendly's. That was awesome.
Drama: Yeah it was. And I got jerked off by the girl who made the fribbles

Ari: Weird. Kinda feels like I'm trying to fuck you guys.
Eric: Are you?
Ari: Look at that, E! I love it, huh? Still got little-man's complex enough to want to fight

Do you know Edith Wharton? Always the same movie. Guy can't fuck the girl for five years 'cause those were the times. Can Vince really relate to that?


Entourage Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Turtle: Maybe I could lose the floral arrangements for four grand.
Drama: No no no, nothing gets a girl wet like a calla-lily centerpiece

Turtle: Come on E, can't you just have a little faith in me and not doubt me? Maybe this one time, I'll make you proud.
Eric: Oh Turtle, you're breaking my heart