Vince: I don't know what it's called.
Eric: That's what it's called -- a Cartier love bracelet.
Turtle: Does that mean that Vince and Amanda are in love?
Vince: No, it means E knows way too much about jewelry. edit

[on why his horse racing bet is a sure thing]
Drama: Because I know the pony's granddad. And in horse racing, as in life, a good lineage is the surest way to predict a fine performance.
Turtle: Well, how come you're from Vince's lineage and all your performances suck?

Drama: Come on, King Maker -- He came home for me at 10-to-1 at Belmont. That's how I bought the Lincoln. Any of this ringing a bell?
Vince: Not really.
Eric: No
Turtle: I thought you bought your Lincoln from selling weed at the high school.
Eric: That rings a bell

Drama: You guys are doing shots at 10:30 in the morning?
Turtle: Relax, kid. It's a holiday
Drama: What holiday is it?
Turtle: Yom Kippur, retard

Sarah: I hate this, I'm starving.
Ari: Now you know what mommy goes through ever day to make a hot body for daddy

Sheila: Well, "Medallion"'s falling apart
Nick: It's "Medellin," Mom. Why the fuck can't anyone pronounce it?
Sheila: Do not curse in the temple.
Nick: Excuse Me

Turtle: 50-to-1, that's your sure thing?
Drama: The bigger the odds, the bigger the payday

Eric: Yeah, call our agent.
Ari: Ironic that on my people's holiday I'm working and she's not. Such is life

Amanda: So what, I'm supposed to just show up at a temple on the most religious day of the year to discuss business?
Eric: You're not just showing up. They're expecting you. They're gonna meet you in the alley behind the southern entrance next to the dumpsters.
Amanda: What, should I bring a gun too?

Drama: We love you, KING!
Turtle: Aw, he looks out of shape
Drama: What are you talking about? Look at those glutes. Fucking beautiful.
Eric: Do you wanna win money on him or fuck him, Drama?
Drama: Don't talk uncivilized at the track, E

Sarah: You want me to lie?!
Ari: That is the beauty of Yom Kippur. As long as you apologize by sundown, doesn't matter what you do.

Baby, the kid is melting down like Phil Mickelson at Winged Foot. I can't abandon a brother in peril, not on the high holidays


Entourage Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Drama: King! Oh, King! Are you around here, King?!
Turtle: He's a horse, Drama. Not a housecat. I think we'd see him if he was around

[when the phone is ringing on the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur]
Sheila: Don't you dare answer that phone, Nick.
Nick: Hey! My life is falling apart! I haven't eaten in 10 hours! So get off my ass!