Lloyd: What did you want me to say?
Ari: That I have a huge wart on my cock that needs removal would have been better, wake the fuck up, Lloyd

Vince: He had a ginormously huge lunch
Turtle: Is that even a word?
Vince: I don't know

Alan: So let me guess. This Ramones project has been causing some discomfort between you and your biggest client.
Ari: Hemorrhoids cause discomfort, Alan. This is more like open-heart surgery

Turtle: I guess you've had a lot of practice, considering how many times you've been dropped [from an Agency]
Drama: Never officially dropped, Turtle. Although one did move without telling me

Lloyd: Vince has called three times, Ari. That's three times more than he called all of last year.
Ari: I know. He keeps calling me, too, and I got an e-mail. I didn't even know he knew how to do that

The gay mafia has been replaced by the gay assistant corps, Ari. We know all


Dana, I have never cheated on my wife, not since she became my wife, but if you want to jerk me off in the car right now, I'm game

Eric: Hasn't Vince gotten you laid enough, Turtle?
Turtle: Well, that depends. What's your definition of enough?

Because he's Ari and he's a dirty sweaty scumbag, but he's good


[Ari is dancing...]
Lloyd: Are you happy, Ari? Or is this madness that will turn on me on a moment's notice?
Ari: This is happiness, Lloyd. This is pure heterosexual male happiness.
[Ari kisses Lloyd]

Vince: This is depressing. Maybe we just go without an agent.
Turtle: Drama did that for 10 years. Really worked for him.
Drama: Suck it, Turtle

Ari: How is it to take it in the ass anyway, Lloyd?
Lloyd: I don't know, Ari. I'm a top.
Ari: Come on, really?

Entourage Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Ari: I love you Dana Gordon.
Dana: You swore you would keep your mouth shut you slimy piece of shit!

Ari, you have one day to find me another job or the next time I see you at the Palm, I'm going to squeeze your fucking dick with a claw cracker!