I like the faith Turtle, but not with Dana not. She made me split the abortion.


Ari: Nicky, trust me, you'll get other offers.
Nicky: How do you know?
Ari: Same way I knew you're father was banging his secretary before everyone in town did -- instinct!

Nicky: Plus, I'm having some financial difficulties
Ari: Like what, the coffee cup holder in your Bugatti is broken?

E: I'm in, I'm in
Ari: Big balls for a little man, I love it. Let's call Nicky and see if he's got em as well.

Yair: Well, I am here to buy a movie guys, and my pockets, they are deep
Ari: Well Yair, we're sorry, but we're here to sell to Americans, so that people can see it in the States, not in the Arab Emirates

Ari: What's the matter Lloyd? You and Tom like to listen to my voice while you dildo each other?
Lloyd: No, I have Nicky Rubenstein for you.
Ari: OK, tell 'm you're on a cruise with your very own king of the world and have him call me direct.
Nicky: Hey Ari
Ari: Nicky Rubenstein! How's my favorite state home convict?

Turtle: Bonjour, we are checking in under the Vincent Chase party.
Drama: Except for me, I'm under my own party, Johnny Chase. (to Billy) They love Viking Quest in France.
Billy: What the hell is Viking Quest?

Lloyd: I am on vacation Ari!
Ari: You will be on a permanent vacation if we don't sell this movie! Now I want you to break out your pink Rolodex and call every queer assistant in town and tell them to open their mouths like J.T. would drop a load in it!

Dana: You are full of shit!
Ari: I was full of shit when I told you I had a condom at Live Aid, but this, I swear on my children's names, is real

Listen, have a great time, wear a life vest because the only bobbing you should be doing is on Tom's cock

Ari [to Lloyd before his vacation]

Everyone that not has a purpose in Cannes, say I. Turtle, Drama, don't hold back.


Lloyd: You said that if you're wife didn't go to Cannes, that I could.
Ari: When did I say that?
Lloyd: When you said it wasn't time for me to get promoted yet.
Ari: You know what Lloyd? I'm in the middle of a code red alert. I got military police everywhere, Germand shepherds ready to attack at a moments notice, I'm facing three hour delays and an uncertain, unsafe future. So get off my ass and go get my wife some favorite flowers!

Entourage Season 4 Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Stephen Gaghan, I'd love to hear his words coming out of my mouth