I'm gonna go get myself a bikini wax. And I'll see you tomorrow.


Sue: You're just like every teenage girl in America: obsessed with vanity. Before you know it, you'll be leaving baggies of vomit in your parents' closet.

I finally realized my life long ambition of being a mistress to a strip mall tycoon.


Will Schuester?!? I just had a sex dream about you.


I haven't had a solid meal since 1987.


I'm pretty sure my cat is reading my diary.


You have a week to lose 10 pounds. It's like trying to lose one of my butt cheeks.


I'm sure Figgins will mumble something nervously and then pretend to take a phone call. I happen to be blackmailing him.


I will no longer be carrying around photo ID. Know why? People should know who I am.


How do you two not have a show on Bravo?

Sue [to Kurt and Mercedes]

Kurt: You shouldn't be embarrassed about your boy.
Mercedes: Embarrassed ? I'm worried about showing too much skin and causing a sex riot.

Mercedes, your vocal chords have had more fantastic runs than a Kenyan track team.


Glee Season 1 Quotes

Puck: Wanna make out?
Rachel: Sure!

I loved you, Terri. I really loved you.