Chuck: Blair's gone Colonel Kurtz. She needs to be brought back to Earth. Help me. And I'll help you take over the crown.
Jenny: They don't want my kind of leadership. They want a tyrant who will police their behavior. Someone who will track their movement on the social ladder.
Chuck: I need you. You're fooling yourself if you don't think you were born to rule this school.

[to Dan] How have you never heard of Olivia Burke?! I thought you lived in Brooklyn, not a cave.


Chuck: Morning, Beautiful.
Blair: NYU is hell!
Chuck: What do you expect from a place where men wear sandals?

Rufus: We weren't expecting you!
Lily: Well, CeCe's feeling so much better, so I figured I'd surprise you ... Serena, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at Brown?

Serena: This is not about cold feet. I'm not ready. I don't know who I am.
Lily: That's why people go to college. To figure it out.

[to nerds] By the way, sandals are not shoes!


Vanessa: I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that my roommate is ... Olivia Burke.
Olivia: And mine's Vanessa Abrams. Just two girls going to NYU? Crazy right?
Vanessa: Yeah.

KC: That was amazing. You're like a diva whisperer. I'm KC, I'm Olivia's publicist.
Serena: Serena van der Woodsen.
KC: I know. Do you go to college in the city?
Serena: Actually I'm looking for a job.
KC: [pauses] Really.

Nate: I can't believe you didn't get that girl's number.
Dan: How long is Bree in Texas? Because maybe she should edit your English paper.
Nate: Oh, I'm sorry. I just expected more game from the guy who dated Serena van der Woodsen.
Dan: There she is. That's Kate. That's the girl I'm talking about, she's right there.
Nate: [sees it's Olivia Burke] That girl? That's ... a ... sign. That you should go ask her out!

Chuck: I found this. An invitation to a movie premiere. It seems your entire hall is attending. Since my evening is free ...
Blair: You thought you would help me curry favor with my outer-borough hallmates. Sweet. But unfortunately I've already scheduled an all-night cram session with my tu-tees.
Dorota: Miss Blair. You want me set beds before manicurist arrives?
Blair: THANK YOU Dorota, that will be all.
Chuck: You sure you said cram session and not the annual Waldorf sleepover?

Olivia: Dan, I really like you. I think my life is more complicated than you know.
Dan: Try me.

Olivia: I don't think I'm the girl for you. Even if part of me wishes I was.
Dan: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Olivia: You will.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Olivia: I was just thinking, I didn't really give you a chance to know both sides of me. And I guess I was wondering if you'd still want to.
Dan: [pauses] I don't know why I'm pretending to think about it. Yes, of course.

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