You could fix this. Chuck would never have to know.


Chuck: I've come this far without my mother, I'm not gonna back down now.
Blair: Well if it's a war Chuck wants, it's a war he'll get.

Stay. Not for Jack, or the hotel... Stay for me. I already lost my mother once.


Chuck: What's going on here?
Jack: Isn't it obvious? You've been played, Chuckie!

There's something about waking up on the morning of a fashion show, the smell of fresh pleats wafting through the city.


Feed the masses, eat with the classes!


What is this leech doing stuck to my hotel?


Miss Blair, you have no friends. Even NYU minions very second-rate!


High-end has fallen on hard times. Mr. Conwell can put my line in over 5,000 retail locations.


Brandeis: Can I help you?
Dorota: I am Dorota.

Baby beat Dorota's stomach like Lars from Metallica.


Eleanor: One of the things that makes Waldorf women so special is that they don't fit in everywhere.
Blair: I don't feel like I fit in anywhere.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Quotes

Blair: What happened? Don't tell me that awful whore did something to you.
Chuck: I think that whore might be my mother.

Ain't no party like a Bushwick party!