"I'm out of my element here. I break bones for a living, I used to live in the basement, most days I wear last night's eyeliner to work, and I don't give a crap about what other people think of me. Because I'm a happily independent and successful woman and I like it that way, only when you say stuff like this, it just makes things too hard. So please, don't chase me anymore, unless you're ready to catch me."


RICHARD: "Adele always sewed all my buttons."
ADDISON: "Have you called her?"
RICHARD: "Adele? Oh no. I wouldn't want to bother her with something as trivial as a button. I don't suppose either of you would wanna-"
ADDISON: "I'm sorry. I have two uteruses that I have to attend to."
MIRANDA: "I have many skills. Many skills. Surgical skills. Your button ruptures its esophagus, I'm your woman. Otherwise..." [leaves]

MARK: "Nancy-pants?"
NANCY: [smiles] "Hey loser."
MARK: "I wish Derek told me you were coming to visit."
NANCY: "Oh, like he tells you anything these days."
MARK: "I'm working on that."
NANCY: "What are you doing here, Mark? Are you trying to torture him?"
MARK: "He's my family, Nancy. Plus I needed a change of pace.... Plus I slept with my tennis partner's wife and he bought a gun."
NANCY: "There it is!"

"McDreamy's sister is McBitchy."


NANCY: "Okay, the trailer sucks but in the light of day, the land's nice. Seattle's pretty in the daylight. Plus you have your thing for ferries, so-"
DEREK & MEREDITH: "Ferry boats."
NANCY: "Right. Whatever."
DEREK: "Dr. Stevens, uh, Meredith, this is my sister, Nancy."
NANCY: "Hi."
MEREDITH: "Sister."
DEREK: "Yeah."
MEREDITH: [smiles] "Right. You're one of Derek's sisters."
NANCY: "I knew you didn't think I was the wife seeing as you already ran her off."

DEREK: "Dr. Stevens, [sees Meredith] welcome-"
IZZIE: "Hey Dr. Shepherd."
DEREK: "Back."
IZZIE: "Okay."
DEREK: "Uh, Meredith, Meredith-"
IZZIE: "Sorry, it's not like I can leave. I gotta stay by my boss' side."

NANCY: "Oops, I take it that was the slutty intern you cheated on Addison with?"
DEREK: "She's not slutty. What are you doing here?"
NANCY: "You bailed on Thanksgiving and Christmas and you live in a trailer and you're getting a divorce and then there's the slutty intern."
DEREK: "I really don't like you."
NANCY: "You love me."

GEORGE: "Noelle was born with two uteruses. Uteri."
ADDISON: "Uteruses."
GEORGE: "Uteruses."

MIRANDA: "Dr. Burke. Uh, could we have a moment alone? I just, I didn't realize you were one of them: one of the doctors around with doubts about me or my abilities."
PRESTON: "Miranda, I'm not."
MIRANDA: "My name was erased from the board. I have to assume that was you."
PRESTON: "Dr. Bailey-"
MIRANDA: "I just... I just... I need to know why. I need to know why you didn't want me in on your surgery."
PRESTON: "I just didn't think I could use you."

NANCY: "Oh, you should've seen that. Two uteruses, so unbelievably cool. And a cute baby to boot."
DEREK: "I'm glad you're enjoying your trip."

MARK: "So we're clear: You knew when you stepped into that surgery you forfeited your future in plastics, right?"
ALEX: "But, Dr. Sloan-"
MARK: "Give me my phone back."

RICHARD: "You're blocking my light."
DEREK: "Think of it as a basic corner stich."
RICHARD: "I can figure out how to sew on my own buttons, thank you. I am a surgeon. Oh for God's sake! You sew this on for me, and I'll get rid of Addison and Sloan."
DEREK: "Really?"

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

"McDreamy was doing the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard."


[narrating] "To make it -- really make it -- as a surgeon, it takes major commitment. We have to be willing to pick up that scalpel and make a cut that may or may not do more damage than good. It's all about being committed, because if we're not? We have no business picking up that scalpel in the first place."