See? Told you I was real.


Denny: Izzie... stop freaking out.
Izzie: You're not real. You're not real.
Denny: Hey, I told you.
Izzie: You're not real! You're not real! You're not real!
Denny: Look at me. Touch me.

Izzie: I said goodbye. I burned the sweater!
Denny: Yeah, thanks for that, by the way. I loved that sweater. You made me that sweater!

Mark: Did she, uh, she say goodbye to you?
Callie: No.
Mark: You okay?
Callie: Do I look okay?
Mark: You look great.
Callie: Then I'm okay.

Cristina: Wait, so are you a lesbian now?
Mark: I dunno... maybe you were a "once-bian."
Callie: Or a twice-bian. Whatever. It's over.
Cristina: Are you okay?
Mark: She's fine. Leave her alone.

Callie: We had a fight.
Cristina: Please. Meredith and I fight all the time. We still work together. It's not like Hahn was your girlfriend or something. [long pause] Oh my God. She was your girlfriend?
Callie: We hadn't figured it all out.

Cristina: What happened to Hahn? Whatever made Hahn leave, it can be fixed! ... Unless she was f... she wasn't fired was she?
Callie: She's not coming back.
Cristina: You don't know that.
Mark: She kinda does.

Cristina: I'm sorry. We lost him. The patient. I'm sorry.
Owen: I don't need you to be sorry. I don't need you to be sorry. I don't NEED you ...
Cristina: Alright, alright.

Sadie: Hi.
Derek: Hi.
Sadie: Hi... is Grey home?
Derek: ... Yes.
Sadie: [runs inside] 'Deth! Where are you, Deth!?

Sadie: Is the guy in your pajamas your boyfriend? Because if so, then HOT.
Meredith: Right?
Cristina: Hey! Who are you?
Sadie: I'm Sadie, who are you?
Cristina: I'm... I'm Cristina!

Cristina: Apparently they went backpacking around Europe together or something. Before med school. You know that woman all but kicked me out of the bed?
Derek: Terrible.
Cristina: And "deth" ... Meredith's name's not "deth." It's Mer!
Derek: I really feel for you.
Cristina: I mean she's never even mentioned this woman. How good a friend could she be?
Derek: Good enough to kick us both out of bed.

Derek: So that's it. No surgery. You're just gonna walk away.
Owen: I'm respecting the patient's wishes.
Derek: The patient's unstable with an open would.
Owen: Which we are packing.
Mark: This guy's circling the drain.
Derek: You cannot just walk away.
Owen: Don't tell me how to run things in my ER.
Mark: Your ER?

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Cristina: So Sadie, you postponed your residency to work in a ... morgue.
Sadie: Yeah, you know, none of the cutting, none of the rules. But I got bored. Got a craving for blood that was flowing.
Meredith: And now you're here. I can't believe you're here!

I've seen a lot of trauma, but never anything like this.


Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
The uniform The Uniform The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra iTunes
Ah ah ah Ah, Ah, Ah The Coral Sea iTunes
Song It's A Funny Thing Jets Overhead