Sofia: Mommy?
Arizona: Hmm?
Sofia: Are you crying because Noah has a tumor?
Arizona: No, I'm crying because I'm lucky. I am so lucky to have a beautiful, smart, healthy little girl, and sometimes I get so busy that I forget how lucky that I am. You know what? How about tomorrow, I take the day off. You and I can go find an adventure, just the two of us.

Don't let something your mother did in the past wipe out your chance to change the future.


When did you decide that we're not friends anymore, that you couldn't talk to me? When did you decide that I'm not here for you?


No, no, no. You can't pause because in the real world the trauma doesn't stop. God doesn't work that way.


I feel like all we talk about since our 'no feelings' rule is feelings.


Jackson, I want you to have love. I just don't want you to cost me mine.


You have my blessing, son, but if I hear that you hurt Maggie in any way I'm going to come after you.


Catherine: I don't know why you're not more upset about this mess.
Richard: Oh, I'm plenty upset.
Catherine: Thank. You.
Richard: Not with them, Catherine, with you.
Catherine: What?
Richard: Nothing is ever good enough for your child.

You're not cutting into me until I have your full attention.


Of all the places on Earth for you to dip your wick, you choose Maggie.


You're breaking them, Kepner. Look, they're losing their minds!


Amelia: Wow. Our marriage didn't stand a chance.
Owen: What?
Amelia: Teddy. She's your tumor.