If I go, I'll be different when I get back.


I would be cautious. The young Turk may inspire the old Lithuanian to keep himself interesting.


Dear Will, we have all found a new life, but our old lives hover in the shadows. Soon enough I fear Jack Crawford will come knocking. I would encourage you, as a friend, not to step back through the door he holds open. It's dark on the other side, and madness is waiting.

Chilton: You've made this dessert for me before.
Hannibal: One of my favourite desserts. Traditionally made with pig's blood, in this case, a local cow.
Chilton: And when you last made it for me?
Hannibal: The blood was from a cow, only in a derogatory sense.

Betrayed by good taste.

Funeral home director: I'm being very careful, I'm sure you understand, Mr. Price.
Jimmy Price: Agent. Special.

Congratulations Hannibal. you're officially insane.


Hannibal: You caught the Chesapeake Ripper.
Jack: We didn't catch you, you surrendered.
Hannibal: I wanted you to know exactly where I am, and where you can always find me.

Hannibal: You delight yourself in wickedness and berate yourself for the delight.
Will: You delight. I tolerate. I don't have your appetite. Goodbye Hannibal.

Alana: Could I have ever understood you?
Hannibal: No.

Don't you worry, Dr Lecter. You will always be cooked to perfection.


I can abide the thought of Hannibal being tortured. Not necessarily to death. I say he has it coming.


Hannibal Quotes

Will: Is Hannibal IN LOVE with me?!?
Bedelia: Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you, and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes. But do you ache for him?

This isn't cannibalism, Abel. It's only cannibalism if we're equals.