You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.


I know I've missed a couple lately but we always said we'd be there for the big moments.


Lily: Wow. A genuine Scherbatsky sighting out in nature. At this point, that's like seeing Sasquatch.
Marshall: No, Sasquatch is a warm and affectionate creature. At this point Robin's more like the yeti. Cold and aloof.

I was about to enter my golden years. My Clooney years.


You're in your 40s and you have a playbook. That's the sad part.


I'd get married tomorrow in a White Castle but this guy needs more of a wow factor.

The Mother

If it wasn't going to happen with Robin, then it's not going to happen with anyone.


Settling down is for losers and kids who never go out anymore.


Marshall: Why does he keep doing this? He meets them. He likes them way too much. He goes way too big too soon. He ends up blowing it. I can't take this any more. He's fallen in love so many times now.
Lily: Not like this. This is different.

The three day rule is a childish, manipulative mind game. But yeah, you wait three days.


Marshall: A certain delicate flower cried all night in the shower.
Lily: And I was pretty bummed too.

Just be cool, Lady. Damn.