Mrs.Brooks: You, you killed Daniel.
Chance: There's an assassin in this house, I can protect you.

Chance: Winston, I'm sorry for getting you into this mess. I'm sorry for whatever torture you had to endure because of me. Most of all, I'm sorry about Aunt Suzy.
Winston: Aunt Suzy? No man, not Aunt Suzy (then he shoots Winston).

Ilsa: You know, I thought you'd be different.
Chance: Taller?
Ilsa: No.
Chance: Younger?
Ilsa: No, braver.

Chance: Nice dress, it's going to make targeting you a breeze.
Ilsa: Just trying to make your job easier.

Winston: Sorry Mrs. Pucci, normally we are a lot more professional than this.
Chance: No we're not.

Ilsa: There are a lot of smarter ways to earn a dollar.
Chance: I'm not very bright.
Ilsa: You are brave. You must have a lot to be redeemed for.
Chance: I do.

No more hiding, I'm not going anywhere.


Winston: Man, you see me here drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon; you really want to antagonize me about my name? What the hell's the matter with you, you got a death wish or something?
Chance: Not that I'm aware of.

Winston: Yeah, I've got a name that sounds like a girl's name. I also carry a 45, I got a history of disciplinary problems, and this aint my first drink today. So, you got another comment?
Chance: You can call me Connie.

Katherine: I guess my next question is why do you want to be alone in a room with me?
Chance: To kill you.

Chance: Apparently you know what you are doing.
Katherine: I'm single and I live downtown.

I'm tired of the part I've been told to play.


Human Target Quotes

People have secrets and secrets are dangerous, so what are you keeping from me?

Christopher Chance

In 3 hours one way or another this thing is going to be over.

Christopher Chance