Betty: The tide is turning against us in Washington.
Gloria: Our movement didn't start in Washington; it's not going to be stopped by it.

Alice: I like not having to ask him for PIN money. It's empowering.
Phyllis: You used to feel empowered by me.
Alice: I used to feel scared.

Ms. gave us a voice when no one was listening; now, look at us. We have the ear of the President.


We are the ones that are going to have a press conference. We are going to tell the American people how disappointed we are with the President's stand on women's issues. He is going to have to do something for us to get us to vote for him. We're no longer a captive audience.


You fought an important battle, but sometimes the battle follows us home.


I have stood alongside the greatest women of our generation. Still, today, we select our leaders first by eliminating women and minorities and those with too little education. Changing this will take a very long time. After all, we are dealing with ten thousand years of patriarchy and racism. But we must continue to move forward in waves. What will keep us going is the revelation of what we can be. What the people around us can be, without the crippling walls and prisons into which we have been forced. We are just beginning to discover each of us, who we can be. And no matter how long this revolution may take, there can be no turning back.


Excuse me. I wanted to ask why we're opposing all of the feminist resolutions. We're not anti-employment, or education, or minority women. I'm not saying that we shouldn't fight for what we believe in. But shouldn't we try to find consensus about something?


Alice: You're a woman. You can't consecrate the eucharist.
Nun: I've always said, women can do whatever they want, Alice.

Stop ERA Activist: You give the libbers an inch, they'll take a mile.
Alice: Let them. There's a lot of land.

Flo: You've got a beautiful voice.
Alice: That's our favorite song at home. I learned it with all my kids when they were in school.
Flo: Woody Guthrie wrote it.
Alice: Oh, he's a poet.
Flo: He's a socialist.
Alice: Come on, don't be ridiculous.
Flo: You were up there belting out a Marxist song.
Alice: No, no, no. It's patriotic!
Flo: Exactly.

If we want to be taken seriously, we have to show that we are not hard-hearted. That we are not stubborn just for the sake of it. That's not Christian. I came here to defend myself. But I have to ask, who exactly is attacking us?


Bella: So now we're not gonna have people we disagree with participate?
Gloria: Not if we want Houston to be inclusive.
Bella: You want to be inclusive by excluding? Would you listen to yourself?

Mrs. America Quotes

How long are we supposed to wait? How many more women are going to die from botched abortions while we wait for men to feel comfortable with us having control over our own bodies? How many women are going to be forced to give birth to babies they can't afford to feed while we wait for housewives who have no idea what it's like to have to work to survive to feel comfortable with women having power? How long do we give people to adapt to change? Am I the only one who's so fucking tired of waiting?


You got into this race to get us out of the war. This is our Vietnam.