Alex: Here we go?
Nikita: Here we go again.

Division's dead, baby. Isn't it?


You are not invisible. You exist. And, if they want to get to you. They have to get through me first.

Division agents only respect what they've been made to fear. They fear me.

So, you wanna go out?


The Princess and the Seal. There's a circus act if there ever was one.


Michael: I guess there's a reason they called it Star Wars.
Birkhoff: Star Wars? This thing worked as well as the Phantom Menace.

What would you like the puppet to do?


Alex: If Division dies, you can live.
The Division agent: You had it wrong. If we die, Division lives.

Michael: You scare the crap outta me, but I love you anyway.
Nikita: I love you anyway too.

Nikita: I'm the one with my ass on the line.
Birkhoff: I know. (Kisses Nikita on the lips) May the force be with you.
Nikita: Mikey, you can kick my ass when you get back. Okay, buddy?
Michael: Will do.

I've been running from Division for five years. Running and running and running while Percy gets stronger. I'm not running any more! I don't want to go in there, Michael. I have to. This ends today.

Nikita Season 2 Quotes

I recommend the Zephyr's Kiss. It sets Birkhoff back 12 grand a bottle.


Would you like to buy groceries or ammo this month? Because we can't have both.