It's good to be on an adventure with you again.

Mary Margaret

Regina: The Evil Queen and Gold's alliance, there may be more to it than business. Rumple and I - there was always a certain amount of chemistry.
Emma: Regina, oh my god.
Regina: I know, I know, nothing ever happened. But I think we can use this to our advantage.

The Evil Queen's finally got us.

Mary Margaret

Sleeping Snow is my favorite Snow.

Evil Queen

Killian: You understand why I need those shears, right?
Henry: You love her too.

Killian: I thought I told you to leave.
Henry: And if I listened, you'd be dead.
Killian: Well I'm glad you didn't. What made you come back?
Henry: You said you couldn't ruin one more family, neither could I.
Killian: Are you saying you think of me as part of?
Henry: Don't push it.

Henry: You're trying to make up what you did to Liam with me?
Killian: I can't ruin another family, Henry.

Killian: I killed my father.
Henry: What?
Killian: You asked about why I care about keeping your family together. It's because I once had the chance of having my own.

Every time I think about my vision of the future, I think about my trembling hand and imagine my family having to watch me die, and I wish I never became the savior.


Rumple: Careful who you cross. You're thin on allies.
Evil Queen: You don't need allies when you win, and as you can see, I'm doing just fine without you.

I'm in the middle of driving a pirate shape wedge into the Charming family.

Evil Queen

Killian: Remember that walking prisoner gag?
Henry: Wookie! Wookie prisoner gag.
Killian: Wookie? What's a wookie? It doesn't even make any sense.

Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

All I need is your trust. I promise.