Kaetenay: You are made for the day. Not the night.
Vanessa: There, sir, you are wrong.

We prize things most when we've lost them.

Sir Malcolm

You met a man who wanted to possess you for his own ends, but instead... he fell in love. That's the man I am. And the monster.

Dr. Sweet/Dracula

You've seen what I come from. That dragon that raised me. That land that reared me. I've known very little grace in my life. But I did with her. And with you.


No man should have to murder a member of his own family. This I know.


My doomed, keening women. Shall we be immortal? Shall we sing from the gallows, too? We must have the faith of those women, we must have their strength and commitment, we must be bloody or nothing else!


Vanessa: People are better than we think.
Mr. Clare: Do you believe that?
Vanessa: Almost.

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Mr. Clare: Join the dance?
Vanessa: We both should. We have been unhappy long enough.
Mr. Clare: No matter the consequences?
Vanessa: Let us dare.
Mr. Clare: And if we're rejected?
Vanessa: Can we be more lonely than we are now?
Mr. Clare: Then let us dare.
Vanessa: And may the lost souls be found.

You may be done with Hell, but it is not done with you.

Kaetenay [to Ethan]

You wanted a killer. You got her. Can't go back now.


You want to play with me, kitten? Then show me your claws.


My people are in London now. That man inside there -- that woman that I told you about -- my friends. That is my tribe.


Penny Dreadful Quotes

Ethan: You have a name?
Vanessa: Yes.

Ethan: You have made my visit truly memorable. I shall never forget you.
Woman: Perhaps you'd like to know my name, then.