Pete: We've made a decision.
Violet: Together?
Sheldon: Paternity test.
Pete: Now, one of us gets out of your hair, the other one ... has a right to know.
Cooper: Look guys ...
Pete: Know what, Cooper? You moved in, you pushed us out, you claimed your territory, but one thing is clear. This kid you're talking to, is not your kid, so, stay out of it.
Violet: Look, Pete ...
Sheldon: The answer is right there for us to know.We know that you don't want to face it, but we do.

Cooper: Violet, you can't do a CVS paternity test for a few weeks. The point is mute.
Violet: Moot. The point is moot.

(Jill is testifying in court.)
Violet: Now why are you here, Jill?
Jill: That man robbed me. He didn't just steal my car and my money. He stole my sense of security. He stole my ability to sleep at night. He stole my sense of self-control. So I came here today to get them back.

Noah: You're here late.
Addison: Yeah, well, you know, babies don't tell time.

Addison: There was definitely flirting. With the surgeon.
Naomi: Uh huh.
Addison: (singing) Cute surgeon, cute surgeon.

Charlotte: Maybe Cooper's right. Keeping her alive isn't the same as saving her life.
Noah: Look, I am sorry Annie can't go to school or go surfing. But is the chance to do that for a month or two, is that worth giving up the chance of living past thirteen?
Charlotte: She's got nothing left in her Noah. Not even the will to fight you. So maybe you should ask yourself, who are you doing this for?

Pete: Beverly. Are you okay?
Beverly: Oh yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just ... I had to see you again.
Pete: This is the fourth time this week.
Beverly: Well, I checked your schedule and I know you have an opening.
Pete: Beverly!
Beverly: Oh come on, Pete, just a quickie.

Charlotte: Move in with me, Cooper.
Cooper: Charlotte!
Charlotte: I know you care about Violet and the baby, and I understand why you wanted to move in with her. But you can still be there for both of them, without living at her place.
Cooper: Violet's afraid to be alone. So I need to be there for her.
Charlotte: I'm your girlfriend.
Cooper: And I am here for you. And, living with Violet? Doesn't change that.

Leanne: (just after giving birth) I want to hold him. Can I hold my little boy? What's wrong?
Addison: It's not a boy.
Mitch: What? The ultrasound was wrong?
Leanne: It's a girl?
Addison: I'm not sure.

Archer: I like women. I like a lot of women. But I am not married to Naomi and she is not the mother of my children.
Addison: Naomi sat by your side when you had surgery. She held your hand. You're upstairs sticking your tongue down her throat, seeing her every day, letting her believe you two have something together.
Archer: I thought I was dying.
Addison: You are asking me to lie for you. You are making me feel dirty, and cheap, and I'm ten years old again. Telling Mother that I went out for ice cream with Daddy, when really I'm sitting in his office while he's screwing his secretary down the hall.

Violet: I just saw Ryan and Eleanor in the stairwell.
Sheldon: You mean Ryan and Sasha?
Violet: No, I mean Ryan and Eleanor. They were comunicating. Lip to lip.

Pete: They're fighting the way you should be fighting.
Beverly: I don't want to be the one ... who dies.
Pete: Then be the one who lives.

Private Practice Season 2 Quotes

(to Sam)You suck at being Naomi.


Charlotte: I miss the good old days. When life and death was decided by God instead of doctors.
Violet: Well, we'll be out of jobs.

Private Practice Season 2 Music

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Song Shake It Up The Cars
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Song Flicker Kathryn Williams