I do know that part of being a good boyfriend is listening... and big presents never hurt either


Will: I want a second chance
Megan: It'd be a third chance, the balcony was your second
Will: I want a third chance

I'm really glad you found me because I always thought we deserved a better ending

Miles [to Laurel]

I will take two days off your grounding if you promise never to bedazzle anything of mine again


We also have an indoor pool, but that's more for special occasions, like those three days of winter we get

Rose [to Miles]

Sage: I get really mad when my blood sugar gets low
Luis: What's your excuse for the rest of the time?

Megan: Is there a guy you like at school right now?
Rose: Zachary Todd. He wears a choker, it's really hot

You have to talk to me eventually, you might need my bone marrow one day

Sage [to Rose]

Charlie: Now let me give you some advice
Megan: Like I need any, but go ahead
Charlie: Will just lost a job, right? Probably the first real rejection the guy's ever had. So instead of focusing on the imaginary test you thought you gave him, why not try being the great girlfriend he needs right now?
Megan: It's a little on the simple side

Sage [to Luis]: I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
Luis: Hi, I'm Luis
Marco: He's new
Sage: And now you want to touch me? Do you understand the concept of boundaries, Louis?
Luis: It's Luis
Sage: It's irrelevant

Luis: Nice to meet you
Sage: I wish I could say the same thing, but I hate lying

Megan: What's this?
Rose: These are a few of my favorite things... I would have sung that, but that probably falls under the delightfulness rule
Megan: Your singing is delightful so we'll have none of that

Privileged Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Sage, you can leave. I need to scream at your sister in private


Hi, I'm Megan, Rose and Sage's tutor. We met at the parent-teacher BBQ. We discussed our mutual love of corn

Megan [to teacher]