Yes, she knows who Liam is, but she's not talking. Yet. Are you staying or are you going?


I don't know which poor bastard Cornell is on to next but at least she's moved on from you.


I made a pass. It was a big mistake. She wasn't interested.


What the hell were you doing with my wife at a hotel, Shane?


Patrick: It's Monday. You were talking to dad which means, did you see mom?
Eric: She didn't see me.
Patrick: That's not funny.

Eric: Our father is an ass.
Patrick: Yeah, yeah he is. Not usually to you.

You have to trust me. And if you can't do that...obey me.


You want me to bury this? I'm still the prime suspect, dad!


Eric: Where's my dad?
Secretary: It's Monday Eric. You know where he is.

Eric: Do you love me?
Kate: I do, and so does everyone in there.

Eric: You're a genius.
Patrick: And tall...handsome..

Cornell: Are you now refusing to cooperate with the investigation?
Eric: Yes. If you want to arrest me, then arrest me.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Eric: Wait, how did you get that photo?
Danny: Your wife sent it to me right before she died.

Dumb and brave. I like you Eric.