Charlotte: Who knew all this existed in the meat packing district?
Miranda: Yes, just yards away from dumpsters full of decaying cow.

Samantha: You see us Mahattan, we have it all.
Angry Neighbour: Fuck you!
Samantha: You wish.

Samantha: Ladies, let's just say it, we have it all, great apartments, great jobs, great friends, great sex....
Miranda: We can have our baby quiche and eat it too.
Samantha: Exactly, at my age, my mother would settle with three kids and a drunk husband.
Carrie: You just have three drunk friends.
Samantha: By choice.

Aidan: What exactly is it you gals do when you get together?
Carrie: Oh, the usual stuff, braid each other's hair, crank calls...
Aidan: Aha!
Carrie: Oh, and that Wican stuff that's big now.
Aidan: No talk about the boys?
Carrie: Well, I can't lie, sometimes there is talk about the boys.
Aidan: Men's greatest fear.
Carrie: I thought it was hair loss?
(Aidan shakes his hair) Aidan: No problem there.
Carrie: I can tell.

Samantha: Homemade quiche?
Charlotte: You made these?
Samantha: Oh, hell no! I had them delivered, along with dinner, the wine and a dvd of Affair to Remember, which were watching later, drunk.
Miranda: You can get dvd's delivered?
Samantha: I use this hot new delivery service. You call them, anything you want, they bring it within an hour.
Charlotte: Anything?
Samantha: Um, last night I ordered condoms.
Miranda: Please, tell me you didn't fuck the delivery guy?
Samantha: No, John, the hot guy from the gym. And let me just say, the condoms came a lot faster than he did.
Carrie: Now there's a nice slogan.

Charlotte: Well, I think that having it all really means having someone specail to share it with.
Samantha: Oh, please, that's so Barney.

Samantha: I can't believe she's marrying that guy?
Miranda: For about a tenth of what's she's worth.
Carrie: Hey, I thought you were Ms pro-marriage these days?
Samantha: Honey, I wasdelirious , I also saw plaid spots all over my bathtub.

Miranda: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it feels wierd without her here.
Samantha: That's such a Charlotte thing to say.

Three hours later I still hadn't found Pete, and I felt as lost as he was. I had a man who loved me and a man who wanted to leave his wife for me. I should have been on top of the world, but, I wasn't.


I can't believe Charlotte wants to be in this world? Look at these people, they're like Ken and Barbie cut-outs.


Charlotte: You guys made it.
Carrie, Miranda, Samantha: hey!
Trey: Ladies, I see you've found the bar.
Miranda: We're good that way.

Carrie: Do you know what your problem is? You want it all, you want me the girl you screw, and the girl you go home to, her.
Big: That's bull shit, I just want you.

Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Aidan: Carrie, I need to ask you something?
Carrie: Okay.
Aidan: I don't want to be paranoid here, ok, but you took Pete for a walk, and we both know you're not big on the dog walking. Now, I can smell something, are you cheating?
(Carrie breaths deep)
Aidan: I can smell smoke on you.
Carrie: Oh!
Aidan: You're smoking again aren't you?
Carrie: Yea, yea, I am. (thinking to herself) It was the truth...
Aidan: Are you going to quit?
Carrie: I really want to (thinking to herself) and that was too.

Trey: Ladies, may I sweep my bride away?
Miranda: She's all yours.
Carrie: (voice over) It was then that each of us realised that we didn't have it all. Because we no longer had Charlotte.