Liz: I'm sorry. I hate getting people in trouble when they don't deserve it.
Jimmy: And when they do deserve it?
Liz: Well, that's my favorite thing.

Jimmy: Where should we start?
Sean: Why do we come all the way here when we can just talk at home?
Jimmy: Sean, my notebook's here.

Paul: Is attorney-client privilege only for criminal lawyers, or is it for pretend lawyers as well?
Brian: Estate law is real law. I'm a real lawyer.

It's ok because I have Derek, and I love Derek so much. But he's retiring soon, and I can only love him for like an hour and forty-five minutes a day.


Shrinking Season 1 Quotes

I'm going to take a bath. I moved the TV in there so I can watch movies.


Gaby: Do you know what percentage of yourself is actually water?
Paul: I know what percentage of me doesn't give a s**t.