What, justice isn't our problem?


There's my gut too but I wouldn't think you'd take that very seriously.


You're losing your touch. You didn't know it was her.


You've got a bad news expression on your face.


Why do you keep a conniving back stabber around? You really think you can trust him?


Who can fathom the mind of a desperate man?


Cho: Fashion, really?
Rigsby: Beautiful women in nice clothes. What's not to like.

I got it worse. I'm lost in the woods with a grumpy hooker.


You can't open your eyes a little bit, Grace. You've got to open them all the way if you want to see the truth of things.


Craig: We all have to make hard choices, Grace. It doesn't make me evil.
Grace: It kind of does.

This is who they send to find my boy's killer. A girl and a guy in a vest.

Mr. Porchetto

Cho: They brought in hookers for entertainment.
Jane: Good, wholesome fun.

The Mentalist Season 4 Quotes

Pain killers are amazing these days.


I'm happy to stay in jail for now. It'll give me a little time to think about things.