Dude, you can always count on me. That's never gonna change. You're my best friend. Nobody's ever going to come along and mess it up. I swear. Maybe, like, a really hot girl. But, other than that, it's rock solid.


Mercer: I hope that this marks a new era of non-violence between our two peoples.
Krill Ambassador: We will see. A peace is only as strong as those who uphold it.
Grayson: And, of course, trust is earned.
Krill Ambassador: We agree on that, Commander.

Orin: Ungrateful bastard. I saved your life.
Malloy: And I'll always be in your debt. But asking me to commit kamikaze suicide with you if kind of a back-pedal, don't you think?

Grayson: How long until we intercept the shuttle?
LaMarr: Three minutes.
Mercer: Run every red light.

Malloy: What is it?
Orin: Justice.
Malloy: Looks more like egg nog.

Keyali: Even if he had destroyed those ships, could you blame him? If I had been through what he has, I'd probably want every last one of them dead.
Mercer: And this is why peace treaties don't happen every day.

Malloy: Look, Orin, I know you're a patriot at heart. And, when you boil it down, that's what this is about.
Orin: Patriotism is only for people with large families.

Peace with the Krill is a slap in the face of Sophie's memory. It's the Union saying,'We forgive you for all the atrocities. We didn't care about those people anyway.'


You know what scared me the most? The knowledge that, someday, years down the line, there would come a time when her absence would feel like the norm. When I would resign myself to her loss. Then, my life, the life that I accepted as real would be the one without her in it. And now, that is my reality.


Our two peoples have been in conflict for longer than you and I have been alive. Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result. We have a chance to stop the hate and the violence right here, right now, by agreeing to peace.


Malloy: Maybe we could, I don't know, offer the Krill something else instead?
Mercer: Like what?
Malloy: Free back rubs or something?

Admiral Perry: Good luck, Captain. This is momentous. [signs off]
Grayson: Bet you wish that you'd had that shot.

The Orville Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Admiral Perry: Good luck, Captain. This is momentous. [signs off]
Grayson: Bet you wish that you'd had that shot.

Admiral Perry: You're to rendezvous with the Krill vessel D'Voracos in twelve hours are Terra Zed 3.
Grayson: The D'Voracos?
Admiral Perry: Yes, it means 'Bringing of Blood.'
Mercer: Oh, that's cool.