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You didn't just tell me I could come over, you told me I could sleep over and have lots of sex with you.


Anne: Your sister's not gay.
Ashley: Oh I know, but I also know she's not going to marry Ricky.

It's not gonna be the family you grew up with, but maybe it'll be better.


Are you claiming to be gay because dad's going back to his first wife?

Amy [to Anne]

People talking about me being gay is like people talking about Ricky being gay.


I was just questioning who I am and I just took it too far.


If you're blaming someone and you're not, I would hope that you wouldn't blame me, that you'd blame your father.


I think we should do it!


Must be going around gay-care, I mean day-care.


Just because you were thinking about something doesn't mean you were ever really going to do it.


It seems to me you're more than a little fickle so excuse me for not just jumping back into bed with you.

Daniel [to Grace]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 4 Quotes

I don't think the point is for it to be okay and for us to get over it. It's for us to live with it.


Adrian: Maybe I'll just take the GED like Ashley or something.
Ben: The Good Enough Degree? That's not good enough for my wife.