Let's just face it, Alice is stronger than both of us.


Ben there's no 3 of us. We're going to be taking turns with you. We're sharing custody.


It's one night with a bunch of old friends.


I promise graduation will be special with just the two of us.


It'll be fun to do something more high school and less adult for once.


You were going to wait until next year, knowing how you feel about Alice now?

Ben [to Henry]

You have a boyfriend? Does your husband know?

Ricky [to Adrian]

You don't do desperate. You're Adrian.


That was just a "I want in your pants" I love you, not a "real" I love you!


Your idea of wild is a chocolate shake and a bath?


Do you want me to give mommy the ring?

Ricky [to John]

He had to learn not to be like the wicked King and Queen when he grew up.


The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 4 Quotes

I don't think the point is for it to be okay and for us to get over it. It's for us to live with it.


Adrian: Maybe I'll just take the GED like Ashley or something.
Ben: The Good Enough Degree? That's not good enough for my wife.