I didn't set out to destroy the world, Mulder. People did.


Monica: You think you can play God?
CSG: Oh not God, certainly. They won't know what hit them, that their fates since birth. They were simply puppets.

Einstein: Is this what you wanted Agent Mulder? You're woo woo paranormal? Say it.
Mulder: Woo woo.
Einstein [whipping him]: Say it!
Mulder: Woo woo!

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How do you say 'howdy partner' in Arabic?


Please, mom, don't go home yet. I need you.


It looks like this person was born without footprints. Which is impossible, by the way.


I want to believe, I need to believe, that we didn't treat him like trash.


Scully: Back in the day, didn't we every come across a way to just wish someone back to life?
Mulder: I invented it. When you were in the hospital. Like this.
Scully: You're a dark wizard, Mulder.
Mulder [laughs]: What else is new?

Her last words were about our child, her grandchild, that we gave away. What did she say that? Why did she have to say that?


Mulder: What? I wasn't going to shoot the kid. And I don't do stairs anymore.
Scully: Mulder, back in the day, I used to do stairs and in three-inch heels.
Mulder: Back in the day. Scully, back in the day is now.

I don't care about the big questions right now, Mulder. I just want one more chance to ask my mother a few little ones.


My son is named William, too.


The X-Files Season 10 Quotes

Scully: Sanjay heard sounds right before he committed suicide. It could be you, Mulder. This is dangerous.
Mulder: When has that ever stopped us before?

I'm old school, Mulder. Pre Google.