I told you I'd send you a postcard. Goodbye my dearest Beth, the daughter I never had. Love, William.


Tyler: What are you gonna do?
Randall: I don't know. Maybe instead of running in the morning, I'll go for a walk. Slow it down a little. Talk to the mailman. That seems like a good way to start the day.

No hard feelings, man. I walk out of here in triumph. I came, I saw, I conquered.


Randall: You see, for days, I've been plagued by the question: how do I honor my father's legacy? Then I realized, I honor his legacy by taking what I learned from the way he lived his life and use it to shape the way I go on living mine. So here it is, Tyler. I quit.

My father died, man, and on the day of his memorial you sent me pears, which I'm allergic to. And you know this because at the lunch when you hired me we at Roquefort salad and I went into anaphylactic shock. And along with the pears that could have killed me, you sent a card with a one-line Hallmark message and a typed out signature, from "The Team." And for all this, Tyler, I thank you.


There's now a man where the Manny once stood.


Rebecca: I am so sorry you didn't have more time together, that it is my fault you didn't have more time together.
Randall: I got enough, I got enough. It was enough time to know that I loved him. I loved him. And I know that he loved me.
Rebecca: I'm so glad.

Randall: I love you, mom.
Rebecca: I love you more.
Randall: I love you mo...no. No. I meant what I said, but I'm a grown-ass man and this is going to cross a very weird line.
Rebecca: Fair enough.

William's moves weren't fast, but they were endearing as hell. He was endearing as hell.


Kate: I'm so sorry you had to go through this twice, Randall. I'm so sorry.
Randall: Hey, it's OK. I'm OK.

And even though we only had him for a few months, we'll remember things as "before William" and "after William."


He knew he wasn't coming back. I didn't know. How could I have known? You got your trip to Memphis, the girls got their memorial, he left you all with a way... I loved him too, Randall. I never even got a chance to say goodbye.


This Is Us Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

He was a soft armrest for weary souls to lean on.


Beth: I guess I'll cancel the caterers, flowers and white doves
Randall: You got white doves?
Beth: They don't make black ones.