Flynn: You want to walk out too?
Emma: No. I just want to make sure you don't kill me like you did Anthony.

Wyatt: Rufus, are you OK to drive?
Rufus: Totally. Only the room's spinning a little.

Is that, not to sound like my mom, but is that what you're wearing?

Jiya [to Lucy]

Flynn: Everyone's the hero of their own story.
McCarthy: Like you? Going after Rittenhouse? You'll never win, son.
Flynn: We'll see about that.

Wyatt: I dig the '50s.
Lucy: I don't know. A bunch of racist, repressed Ward Cleavers. It's a powderkeg.
Wyatt: But the cars are cool.
Lucy: Oh, yeah.

You're a coward. You're arrogant and a loudmouth and you're afraid everyone will find out you're a fraud, just like every bully.

Wyatt [to McCarthy]

You were playing checkers while I was playing 3-D chess.

Mason [to Christopher]

Is it just me, or is Rittenhouse way more gay than I thought it would be?

Wyatt [to Lucy]

Wyatt: He's looking at me like I'm a piece of meat.
Lucy: I can't imagine what that's like.

Christopher: Somewhere under all that smarm, there's an actual heart.
Mason: That's lovely. Thank you.

Wyatt: We'll stay in touch. I'll call you if I ever need a bossy know-it-all.
Lucy: I was thinking of texting you the next time I need a reckless hot dog.

I guess this is what North Korea's like.

Jiya [to Rufus]

Timeless Season 1 Quotes

Wyatt: What's April 14, 1865?
Lucy: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

She just lost her sister, give her a damn minute!