Stuck in a giant fish bowl. I used to have fish. Goldfish. But, then one of them got sick and the other one ... the other one ate him. Did you know that Goldfish did that?


The monarch will be crowned.

Vision Joe

You want the truth. I have taken lives ... but none that weren't absolutely necessary for the good of this town.

Big Jim

Not guilty.


Pink stars ... are ... falling. The pink stars ... are ... falling ... in lines. The pink stars are falling in lines.


Anything happens to my dog, I'm gonna break your arms and throw you in the lake.


I get my news online like everyone else, sweetheart.

Mrs. Grinnell

Phil: Did he just call it a dome?
Dodee: Yeah.

We're trapped.

Big Jim

I'd know you anywhere. My best friend... who left me for dead.


It's my fault. She died because of me. I killed her.


Barbie: These people. These people are scared.
Linda: To tell you the truth, so am I.