[talking into a walkie talkie] John to Yoko. George and Ringo just torched the Aktaion house. Christine's out for blood.

Big Jim

Joe: Norrie, we have to go.
Norrie: Where? We're under a freaking dome.

Anything happens to my dog, I'm gonna break your arms and throw you in the lake.


Hunter: Didn't you kill Doctor Marsden?
Jim: Yeah, but she doesn't need to know that. Satellites can't see indoors.

Look outside. The apocalypse has been canceled. It's not the first time the dome has lied to us.


Sam: I'll never help you.
Christine: Don't worry. I can bring you around.

Jim: So this is my army? A cripple, two horny teenagers and a plucky newspaper girl?
Julia: We're the best you've got.
Jim: Yeah, the world's over.

Julia: Look at us! Two former enemies drinking at the end of the world.
Big Jim: Former?

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Julia: I never knew what it looked like to be safe or in love until I met Barbie.
Big Jim: Look how that turned out.

Oh, I wasn't wrong. The dome's here to protect. It's just not here to protect us.


Christine is trying to keep us from having emotions because when our feelings surface, so does our humanity.


Julia: Here boy. Indy.
Big Jim: That all you got? You gotta put your gut into it. INDY!!
Julia: He's a dog. He can hear us. I'm trying not to scare him away.
Big Jim: Indy's not a liberal. He doesn't get scared at everything. INDY!!
Julia: INDY!!!

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